Commercial Security​

World-Class Security:
Our alarm systems offer top-level security monitoring to provide peace of mind to our customers.
Easy-to-Use Interface:
Our alarm systems come equipped with user-friendly graphical interfaces that can be set up and operated with minimal effort.
Comprehensive Customer Support:
Our team of professionals is available to provide support and advice whenever you need it.
Motion Detection Technology:
Our systems use advanced motion detection technology to alert you to any unexpected activity in your home or business.
Remote Access:
Our systems can be accessed remotely, allowing you to remotely check your system’s status, set alarms, and receive notifications.
Customizable Settings:
Our systems allow you to customize the settings to match your preferences, giving you the flexibility to tailor the system to your exact needs.

Residential Security

Increased Home Security:
Installing a professionally monitored home security system ensures protection and peace of mind for owners and their families. The alarm system will detect intrusions, and alert authorities to respond in a timely manner while providing the highest levels of security throughout the home.
Automated Network Monitoring:
A professionally installed alarm system can be integrated with your home’s network to provide real-time monitoring and automated alerts of any potential safety risks or suspicious activity. This allows for quick identification and response, so homeowners can rest assured that their property is secured.
User-Friendly System Interfaces:
Alarm systems come with easy-to-use interfaces, making it simple to monitor your home’s security and stay connected even when you’re not at home. This can be done through a smartphone app, as well as through specific security system accessories and hardware.

DIY Security

Easy Installation:
Our DIY alarm system is equipped with easy to understand and follow instructions and requires minimal tools to install.
Remote Access:
Our DIY alarm system gives customers access to their security system from any place and anytime with either the use of a smartphone, tablet or computer.
Realtime Monitoring:
Our DIY security system has real-time monitoring capability which helps customers receive notifications of any intrusions and other suspicious activities. It also provides automated responses to alert owners of any system malfunctions or technical issues.

Our Working Process​

We appreciate that you are considering adding an extra layer of protection and peace of mind to your home or business.
When you choose Alarm System Plus, you are going to experience amazing customer service and quality!



Our process begins with a consultation. We will listen to your security and safety needs, evaluate the size and scope of the system and recommend an appropriate solution.



Next, we will provide you with a comprehensive proposal. We will discuss the costs, features and specifications of the system.



Installation is a snap. Our team of highly trained technicians will make sure that the system is installed properly and securely.



Finally, we will conduct an inspection to ensure that the system is functioning properly and is providing the necessary level of protection.